Introducing Morvarid banquet hall:

Morvarid banquet hall has 2 apart halls ith the capacity of 900 people as well as clerk and exclusive host consists of:
wedding reception, engagement, feast, seminars gatherings and executive conferences industries and trademarks

Industrial kitchen with 250 metres wide and complying all cooking principles and flawless hygiene is ready for contracts with all firms and organs

Multi-storey car park has 4 floors and each floor is 1200 metres wide as well as the capacity of 280 cars
provide composure for guests

Morvarid restaurant enjoys to provide a high-quality iranian portion for guests to consume in an open area and a tuneful sound of water around there
a domestic and friendly space which has many diverse areas for different populations can provide a pleasant course beside your favorite acquaintances
In Morvarid banquet hall we always pursued your consent and we’ve been bidding to be better and better